Webinar: Eye Candy, Hard Proof, and Seduction: the 3-Part Formula for Creating Copy that Sells

...with a special "Thanks" to Pam Harrison for being my tech aide today.

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Rapid Recall: Your "AHA" Moment of Today

13:10:00 From Mary Greenlee: Eye candy is the first line of offense.
13:10:03 From Deborah — Finestone Marketing Solutions : I can’t recall exactly but about seduction: the falling in love with who you became when in love with me. Really good point about making people the best version of themselves.
13:10:10 From JIm McCabe : I'm very analytical. My aha is that you should not be too direct in your messaging too soon. Build that desire.
13:10:35 From Diane : AHA! Data Processors aren’t going in depth into your data - the fact that it is there is enough for them to feel safe.
13:10:41 From Rosalyn Fung : Yes, build the desire is my take away, and pretty much all of this was a big mind blowing session - thank you Kae!
13:10:52 From Coach Rakesh - Canada : My AHA: the message From the Conn Artist Woman to those three men- The Imposter -NetFlix
13:11:05 From Rosalyn Fung : Yeah I love your resources too
13:12:22 From Clemi Boubli : Ratios are powerful numbers
13:12:24 From Rose Simard : Data processing cannot be avoided even in an emotional sales process.
13:12:27 From Clemi Boubli : numbers
13:12:29 From JIm McCabe : Thank you Kae, very informative! I've grabbed the link.
13:12:53 From Rosalyn Fung : Thank you soooo much Kae- see you in the cafe! <3
13:12:57 From Abraham Ajenifuja : Yes. Thanks very much! Rich in value
13:12:59 From Rhonda Freed : Thank you Kae!!
13:13:15 From Pam Harrison : Wonderful!
13:13:31 From Mary Greenlee - Virtual Coach : you created the big picture for us, Thanks
13:13:53 From Elsa-Marie : I would like to join you on the Caffe Kan, If I can. Thanks
13:15:00 From Rosalyn Fung : THANK YOU for sharing your gifts
13:15:01 From Diane : Thanks!