The Copywriting Cafe. April 8, 2021

Our ONE Goal in the Copywriting Cafe: Help You Become a Better Sales Copywriter so Your Readers Push the "BUY Button."

7:20 >> 4 "Hooks" to use in your email subject line to increase your Open and Clickthrough eMail Rates

18:30 >> The "Sizzling HOT" Phrase of the Day- use it to entice your readers as you integrate it into your copy

24:00 >> "HOT or NOT" session - immediate feedback on your subject lines, button copy, offers, etc. along with helpful comments so you can improve your copy

A Sample of Rapid Recall Feedback:

"My AHA is to make my offer impossible to ignore."  
"I'm going to A/B test my Lead Magnet title."
"Think and write from the Client's point of view."
"Create desire (seduction)."

Final Note: Join us every Monday at 4 PM >> EST in the X2 Marketing Forum (it's free), where Marketing Experts join us to share the Marketing Strategies and Tactics to get (and keep) clients.