About Kae Wagner

Kae Wagner 

President/Founder North Star Marketing, Inc.
"When you have a passion for your product, selling is the natural by-product of sharing the love."  Kae Wagner

Kae Wagner is the Founder and President of North Star Marketing, and helps others grow their businesses through list building, lead generation, membership sites and through her signature programs: Your SMART Marketing Move and the VIP Connections Group.

Here's an excerpt from the Book "Women of Influence 2020."

What makes her a woman of influence:

Kae’s impact and influence in the world comes through the insight and guidance she gives to entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants, and coaches. She loves to help business executives and professionals see their path to success and freedom. The ability to help their families thrive, grow their businesses and be part of a prosperous community is the result of the impact she has in their lives. Ultimately, Kae’s goal to help people see beyond what they currently see so they create the life they were born to live. Her mission is:  No Business Failures; All Businesses Succeeding through SMART Marketing and Human Connections.

Her Journey & Why:

Kae grew up in a large, entrepreneurial family as the 8th of 10 kids. She saw that great ideas and hard work paid off. Her family grew up on a dairy farm and they all got up early every morning to tend to the animals, feeds and gardens.  She jokes that, “when I was a kid I got up early and went to the barn, now I’m an adult and I get up early and go to the office. Success leaves clues!”

Working on the family farm taught her the values of patience, grit, endurance, flexibility and creativity. She had a dream to one day own her own business and that dream came true when she formed her own marketing and branding business. It was the perfect combination that helped people grow their businesses in strategic and creative ways.

In the business, North Star Marketing, she embraced technology early on and the firm always was an early adopter of new technology, marketing channels and tactics that helped brands become stronger and more profitable. As her clients grew their businesses with her help, North Star Marketing grew into a multi-million dollar marketing firm.

Kae has always been passionate about helping people find solutions to their problems. She loves the creative process in applying innovative thinking to finding new solutions that move the market forward and help her clients grow. She developed a formula for success that drove her clients’ success and she still uses it to this day. “Interaction + Discovery = Memorability” is a proven formula for creating business marketing success.

Kae’s story is the American dream come true: start a business using your talents and gifts to be successful. She continues to love helping he clients use business marketing and coaching and to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

Her Tips:

Take control of your destiny, create your own path and make your own money. Money is a means to an end - the end being the freedom to do what you are called to do. Sadly, many women were not taught the fundamentals of finance and numbers when they grew up, so Kae encourages women to embrace learning how a business actually makes money.

Never let anyone bring your down and never, ever give up. Remember that women can excel in all aspects of business: people management, product development, distribution channels, pricing strategies, competitive knowledge, sales and marketing, and finances.

Best Advice:

The most important part of a business is the people. Without good people and a high-performing team, you cannot achieve the highest and best good you were destined to create.

Free Gift:

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Facebook: /NorthStarMarketing

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Kae Wagner: The Short Version

  • President and Founder of North Star Marketing
  • Started North Star Marketing on January 16, 1989
  • Author of Two Books: The CEO's Little Black Book on Branding (International Award for Book Design) and The Power Principles of Marketing
  • Award-winning TV Producer and Filmmaker
  • National Speaker - Business, Marketing, Sales, Employee Engagement
  • Marketing Columnist for a National Food Magazine
  • Sales and Marketing Executives International Marketer of the Year
  • PA's 50 Top Business Women
  • Business Consultant and Coach
  • Program Developer of Your Next SMART Marketing Move and the VIP Connections Group
  • Peer Group Leader and Speaker for Vistage and the High Family Business Center
  • EOS Facilitator
  • Founder and Leader of the Sales and Marketing Forum
  • Avid Writer and Reader, Loves Architecture and Art, and Tries to Play Golf