Develop Your Customer Journey Roadmap - Workshop
Your Customer Journey Roadmap is a sales tool and a service/product delivery tool.  It builds trust, gives people clarity about what they're going to get and visually represents the journey they are about to embark on.
Workshop Attendees Loved the Presentation: Viewing time: 50:01

11:55:10 From  Ruth Burki : Excellent presentation. Soo helpful. Thank you for your generous offer Kae. Look forward to seeing you in the Cafe! The customizable infographics are great and will be soo useful to work with setting up our customer journey.

11:55:24 From  Monica Stein : Thank you! This was brilliant.

11:55:28 From  Mary Greenlee: You enticed us to move forward

11:55:50 From  Alexandra Nima : Thank you! One of the best webinars of over 400 in the last 4 years. 

Free Roadmap Resource: - templates you can use immediately in either Google Sheets or PowerPoint format.

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