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Gift: The 4 Steps to STOP Holding Yourself Back   
Get This Free Gift Here!

Neal Abramson
- The 4 Steps to Stop Holding Yourself Back will help you:
- Find out how you're in your own way from having what you want
- Uncover the dis-empowering conversations holding you back
- Learn what you can do to move forward in your business and life
- Get clear about the big and small steps you can take next 
Neal Abramson LM The 4 Steps to Stop--open cover    Neal Abramson   

Gift: Confessions of a Recovered Self-Doubter: A Guide for Living with Confidence
Peggy Bell
In this Guide, you'll discover:
- How to get rid of self-doubt once and for all
- The dangers of self-doubt
-8 ways to get rid of self-doubt

      Peggy Bell headshot  


Gift: 10 Things to Know Before You Video ~ Do's and Don'ts To Save You Time, Help You Shine and Look Like a Pro!  Get This Free Gift Here!

Sheryl Bernstein

"Sparkle and be YOU on Video! Learn tips from L.A. Actress, Coach and Visibility Pro Sheryl Bernstein.  She shows you Do's and Don'ts to save you time, help you shine and look like a pro whenever you’re on camera. So you can be seen, and know what to do. Guide and videos to walk you thru all ten. A beautiful way to help you be your best you in front of the camera, everywhere you appear.  So you are ready...and ready for everything!"

Gift: A Guide to Lower Your Taxes When Home is Where You Work  Get This Free Gift Here!

Cynde Canepa 
Learn how to Lower Your Taxes When Home is Where You Work:
Tax deductions and credits that you may be eligible for on your tax return that directly impacts how much tax you owe.
Lowering your taxable income will result in a lower tax assessment.

Gift: Your GPS Code: Jump Start Your Morning for a Miracle Day  Get This Free Gift Here!

Dr. Tianna Conte

In Your GPS Code JumpStart, you will learn:

  • 5 tips that are all natural, non-toxic and non-pharmaceutical self- care.
  • Discover a little known secret healing potion of shamans for inducing sleep
  • Enjoy your unique bedtime ritual that releases the day's stresses with ease
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind and enjoy higher quality dreams.
  • Wake up refreshed, mentally clear and productive for a miracle day

Dr. Tianna Video Shot    tianna 200

Gift: Complimentary Coaching with Jessica Derksen  Get This Free Gift Here!

Jessica Derksen
In this Complimentary Coaching Session you'll learn:
- Learn to break free from your limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behavours
- Develop the confidence and strategies to overcome your fear, doubt and worries, so you can accelerate your results faster
- Create a blueprint for your life and set the right goals that align with where you want to grow into in life
Jessica Dirksen    


Gift: Your Custom Best Digital First Impression Small Talk Assessment  Get This Free Gift Here!

Tracey Dobbins, ACC
In this assessment you'll learn:

- Your best first impression happens in nanoseconds from your background, facial expressions, body language, and what you say or don’t say so you get it right.
- Projecting a powerful confident presence gets your business taken seriously while drawing people to you for even deeper conversations. 
- I’ve selected my top FREE tips, and I’m giving my proven additional recommendations, to make your digital best first impression red-carpet ready…every time!

    Tracey Dobbins. Head Shot 2. With Media Logos
Gift:  Multiply Your Business with Partnering (Value $249)  Get This Free Gift Here!

Ellen Finkelstein
In this free gift you'll learn how to:
- Find partners so you can stop struggling to reach new people all by yourself
- Generate new subscribers and customers – perfect for people whose lists are small
- Create a buzz around your products without being hypey and without hounding your subscribers over and over
- Build a list of fans and customers who really appreciate what you have to offer
   ellen 200


Gift:  From Conflict to Cohesion: 5 steps to a healthy work culture  Get This Free Gift Here!

Julia Goldburt
In this free gift you'll learn:
- Five Warning Signs of a toxic work environment
- Five Strategies to handle problematic issues in the workplace
- How to identify your current workplace toxicity
- Make a self-care plan
- Plan your next promotion/career move
Gift:  Life Facts ~ Health Info at Your Fingertips Guide Get This Free Gift Here!

Mary Greenlee
Mary B. wants to help you to be successful and better prepared when Life’s Events, like medical emergencies, happen. Read Mary’s story, and don’t let it be yours. 
Get your Life Facts – Health Info At Your Fingertips Booklet, and Go Get Order. Compile all of your data in one file with the help of this booklet. 
It’s easy to read, fill out and save. You’ll be prepared, and feel relieved that your Health Info is Accessible, Findable, and Ready to Go.


Gift: Thought-Leadership Writing: A Primer on Clarity for CEOs, Founders and Experts Who Write to Change the World  Get This Free Gift Here!

Renae Gregoire

In this Primer you'll learn:
- What clarity has to do with the divine
- Why busy, picky readers prefer clarity
- How clarity is like a box of chocolates
- Baggage that gets in the way of clarity
- Questions to ask yourself when you struggle to put your ideas on the page
Renae Gregoire. 3D LM       renae  200

Gift: Fully Booked: 10 Secrets Successful Speakers Use that Keep Their Speaking Engagement Calendar Full Year Round Get This Free Gift Here!

Jackie Lapin
In this Guide you'll learn:
5 Killer Assets You Must Have in Place Before You Ever Approach a Booke
- 3 Big Mistakes that People Make That Repel Bookers and How to Turn It Around
- My 1 Little Booking Secret That My Clients Use to Fill Their Speaking Calendars
Gift:  Are You Living a Life You Love?  Get This Free Gift Here!

Sopheia McMorris
  1. Clarity- creating health, wealth, and happiness in your life!
  2. Awareness- of the roadblocks that get in the way of your success!
  3. Align- the decisions you must make now to move your life forward!
Gift:  My Business Marketing Planner (for Healers)  Get This Free Gift Here!

Jan Revell
My Business Marketing Planner
Knowing what you need to do each day makes launching your business much easier 
Tracking your tasks, for email, social media, etc., helps you focus clearly  
Print it so you have a hard copy for that tactile feeling that makes writing easy  
Upload it to your iPad or tablet so you have a digital copy handy for the times your hard copy isn’t available  
Or just use your digital version and never be without your marketing schedule


Gift: Turn Fear Into a Friend - a Cheat Sheet  Get This Free Gift Here!

Jonathan Troen
Practice with this Cheat Sheet and you may just find yourself taking massive action that leads you toward your dream life, filled with all of your desires.
  • How to Stop Running from Fear - it's Exhausting!
  • How to Transform the Power of Fear
  • How to use Fear as a Catapult to Success
  • Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
Jonathan Troen. LM ImageJonathanTroen-MainHeadshot 2

Gift: The Copywriting Cafe - 1 Free Month  Get This Free Gift Here!

Kae Wagner
The Copywriting Cafe is for you if you want to spice up your sales copy:
- Two 60-minute group sessions per month
- Learn the secret words, phrases, and triggers that get people to push the Buy Button
- Practice Copywriting with exercises used by Master Copywriters and turn your copy into cash
- Take part in "Hot or Not" sessions to get fast feedback on your headlines, titles, subject lines and more

The Copywriting Cafe Title Square  Kae Wagner. Sun glasses

Gift:  Go Forward Fearlessly! A Spiritual Road Map for How to Be Happy, Stress-Free, and Confident Despite Massive Changes Get This Free Gift Here!

Cornelia Ward 
Here's what You'll Learn:
  • Simple, practical, and spiritual techniques to live your life purpose so you can truly thrive in your career or business!
  • Fall back in love with your life and become truly happy!
  • Create a lasting formula for navigating personal transitions!
  • Create a career you love and enroll for free in the Passion & Purpose home study program!
cornelia 200g    cornelia-ward

Gift: My Daily Digital Planner  Get This Free Gift Here!

Melody Wigdahl
Here's what you get in this Daily Digital Planner:
  • Fully Editable and Rebrandable Digital Planner 
  • Sell as your own product!
  • Give it away to build your list!
  • Use for yourself and clients!
  • Full Private Label Rights

Gift: Hears to Your Inner Doctor: Understanding Your Ear Control Panels  Get This Free Gift Here!

Lisa K.Y. Wong, L. Ac.
QUICKLY SCAN FOR ISSues - Even ones not presenting symptoms yet.
KNOW A CONTROL PANEL Come to understand what we mean by "Control Panel".
FEEL EMPOWERED Feel the confidence of knowing more about your body.

  lisa 200


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Kae Wagner
North Star Marketing
Founder | President

PS >> A very special "Thanks" to Rob Goyette for sharing his thoughts on "Redefining Success in 2021" and to Silvia Barten Dominquez for editing the group video.  Much appreciation to you both.