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Leadership Glue: Be the Glue in your Business without Getting Stuck in the Daily Grind is Kae Wagner's third business book. 

Leadership Glue is helping Business Owners and Company Leaders grow their organizations with the proprietary, proven process of Hands ON to Hands FREE to Hand OFF. 

Leaders work with Kae to reach excellence in leadership and to grow their companies for gain and for good. In working with Kae, leaders focus on building the guardrails to protect their Vision and Values and develop the Conditions for Success for their teams.

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North Star Marketing: We Know Our Way Around the Business World...here are some of the companies we've worked with...

"We help business owners and company leaders understand their markets, their products, and their people. Then we help them fix what's not working."  Kae Wagner, Founder/President

North Star Marketing has contributed to the sales success of large companies as well as start-ups and family owned businesses. Our industry experience covers all B2B and B2C categories; from food products to heavy equipment to professional services and tech companies. 

As a member of numerous corporate and non-profit Board of Directors, Kae also helped guide organizations through leadership transitions, expansions, capital campaigns and organic growth.

Wagner's leadership and marketing expertise has led to award winning communication as a three-time author, marketing columnist, national speaker and a frequent podcast guest. 

Over the years Kae has led multiple CEO/Business Owner Peer Groups with Vistage, the S. Dale High Family Business Center, the Sales and Marketing Forum and the X2 Forum.

Corporate Brands in our Portfolio
  • Kae Wagner

    “Kae is an excellent coach and leader. She exceeds expectations in every aspect of her business. I’m glad I decided to work with her. My business has transformed in a very short period of time. Thank you”

    Wisdom Speaks

  • Kae Wagner

    “Kae’s a true pro who always shows up ready to make her clients shine. She’s a Marketing Genius and knows her stuff. If you’re looking to get your marketing kicked up a notch or two, Kae’s your person. She’s strategic and pragmatic and knows how to create the magic in the marketing.”

    Do It Marketing

  • Kae Wagner

    “Kae gives me very practical, very concrete guidance on what to do, how to do it and the support to help me through the process when I'm not sure what to do or how to do it. The bottom line is I just knew that it’s worked already and there’s a lot to navigate right now so I just wanted someone who really knows her stuff to be my partner in doing this.”

    Innovation Consultant, Align, LTD.