The Victim Saboteur is the Drama Queen is full action

PQ Saboteur. Victim

Leadership GLUE: Tip #33

[PQ - Positive Intelligence] The Saboteur Series

The Victim is our final Saboteur Profile...

The Victim's drama pulls people in...and pushes them away. 

The Victim Saboteur uses emotion and bad temperament as a way to gain attention and affection. This Saboteur has an extreme focus on internal feelings, particularly painful ones....often showing up as a Martyr.

>> The Victim Saboteur looks like this:

When criticized or misunderstood, will tend to withdraw, pout, and sulk.
Fairly dramatic and temperamental.
When things get tough, the Victim wants to crumble and give up.
Repressed rage results in depression, apathy, and constant fatigue.
Unconsciously attached to having difficulties.
Gets attention by having emotional problems, becoming sullen, or by being overly dramatic.

>> The Thoughts of the Victim:

"No one understands me."
"Poor me, terrible things always happen to me."
"I might be uniquely disadvantaged or flawed."
"I am what I feel."
"I wish someone would rescue me from this dreary mess."

>> The Justification Lies the Victim tells himself:

Maybe this way I will get some of the love and attention I deserve.
Sadness is a noble and sophisticated thing that shows exceptional depth, insight and sensitivity.

>> The Victim's Impact on Self and Others:

His vitality is wasted by endless focus on internal processing and brooding.
The Victim's need for attention often backfires and pushes people away.
Others feel frustrated, helpless, or guilty that they can't put more than a temporary BandAid on the Victim's pain.

The Victim is generally associated with a childhood experience of not feeling seen and accepted, coming to believe that something is especially wrong with them. The Victim coping mechanism is a strategy to squeeze out some affection from those who would otherwise not be paying attention. The Victim's false "high" mimics a false sense of aliveness.

Learning more about the Victim Saboteur in you will help you to start weakening the Saboteurs that are running the show in your life and messing with your head. 

PQ - Positive Intelligence is the framework that is helping thousands of people increase their mental fitness to give them emotional freedom.

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