Building Trust is Tricky

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Leadership GLUE: Tip #23

(PQ ~ Positive Intelligence) Leaders find out quickly that building trust is tricky. Management gurus will tell you to be authentic and vulnerable...and, that's a start. But there's much more to building trust than just authenticity and vulnerability.

Trust is built faster and with more meaning when a leader creates shared experiences with his/her team and then shares the joys of the wins and shares the pain of the losses.

A shared experience will take a leader much deeper into relationships and create sustainability in those relationships because experiences create a two-way interaction.

Working together on a shared project creates intimacy and alignment as a team makes progress toward a shared goal. Trust is built when the leader helps build the momentum and participates alongside the team.

Creating shared experiences is a powerful leadership skill that natural leaders do intuitively, but is a skill that can be learned and integrated into your leadership style.

Are you creating trust through shared experiences? If not, you are missing the secret sauce that all great leaders mix into effective team building. It's so's right in front of you...hiding in plain sight.

If you want ideas on how to create shared experiences, let me know. My passion is to help you take your workplace from a place of human tragedy to a place of developing human potential. Without trust, your culture will suffer.

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