Adele has Crazy Thoughts, too… She recently outed herself as an Imposter!

Leadership GLUE: Tip #22
[PQ ~ Positive Intelligence)

Adele has Crazy Thoughts, too…

She recently outed herself as an Imposter!

Leadership GLUE: Tip #22

[PQ]Let's say you want to find out how much of your time, or your team's time, is spent in productive thinking or non-productive thinking.

Just stop and think for a minute -- literally - set a time for one minute and think.

When time's up evaluate your thoughts. 

How many were positive? How many were negative? How many were neutral?

Label them and realize how many times your thoughts flit here and there in just a minutes time. It's crazy really.

We are generally not in control of our thoughts, but rather our thoughts control us and generate emotions that lead to words and actions...often, not the words and actions we intended, but somehow couldn't control.

After realizing your own wayward thoughts that just happened in a 60 second timeframe, multiply that by what's happening in the heads of everyone you work with...your team...your clients...your vendors!

Everyone's thoughts are going crazy and we're sabotaging themselves with thousands of negative thoughts throughout the day.

How do we stop this? Is it even possible to control these scattered thoughts and turn them from negative to positive?

Yes, it is possible to control our thoughts and flip the switch in our heads.

In Positive Intelligence (PQ) we call these crazy thoughts your Saboteurs. And, you can find out which of the Saboteurs are running the thoughts in your head with this assessment: 

PQ helps you flip the switch from negative thoughts to positive thoughts that activate and your Self-Command muscle - that area of the brain that takes control of your thoughts, weakens the Saboteurs and generates Sage actions and intent.

When you identify the Saboteurs by taking the assessment, you will get the first glimpse of your auto-pilot thoughts that are the root cause of all your pain and suffering. 

Even the most accomplished have Saboteurs. Recently Adele, the world's most well-known and beloved singer and songwriter, told her audience that she felt like she was an imposter, that her life was a mess and that she was an emotional wreck. This after canceling a Vegas residency that would have brought her additional millions. Adele, too, has Saboteurs that are messing with her head. Her life looks picture perfect...but no, she's not happy at all. 

Take the Saboteurs Assessment and find out for yourself.

If you are a lifelong learner and want to find a sustainable way to manage your thoughts, join me in the PQ movement that's now gone global.

Learn more by reading  Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential AND HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURS

by Shirzad Chamine.

We have many opportunities coming up for you to learn more first-hand about PQ in our PQ FLOW Forum and PQ FLOW Coaching.

IMHO, you really are crazy if you don't grab this opportunity to identify and weaken your Saboteurs. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with no control over your thoughts when there actually is a solution?

Think about it...


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