Tiger's Brief Moment before the First Tee

Leadership GLUE: Tip #21
[PQ ~ Positive Intelligence) Day One of the Masters, 2022.
With great anticipation and excitement in the audience, Tiger Woods walks out of the Augusta Club House and sees a huge crowd waiting for his appearance.
It's reported that he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then strode up to the first tee! In that brief moment, Tiger calmed his mind and prepped himself for perhaps the toughest PGA Tournament in his already awesome career. (It was like he did a PQ Rep - a short meditation in real life!)
And, he delivered on the first round.
That's what Leaders do...Preparation + Talent + Execution + Mindset = A Win for Tiger. Stay tuned for the rest of the Masters...it's already exciting.
Do you think Tiger has Saboteurs messing with his head this weekend at the Masters?
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