Next Level - Same Devil


The Saboteurs in our heads would lead us to believe that we’ll find happiness and love when we get to the next level - finishing the acquisition, getting the next salary bump and bonus, landing the six-figure client, buying the bigger house, going on the luxury vacation, joining the most prestigious club…whatever the next level is for you.

But whenever you go up a level, you’ll find the “same devil” in your head and the search for love and happiness starts all over again. Discontent continues and the Saboteurs find more to be dissatisfied with.  What we were certain would fill the emptiness inside turns out to be fool’s gold.

The Saboteurs will always send us on a fool’s errand.

Your Saboteurs are run by the head guy: The Judge. Some call their Judge the "Executioner" or "Wicked Queen" as the Judge runs the show and is assisted by nine Accomplice Saboteurs who will tell you you’re an Imposter, a fake, not worthy, you don’t count, and it’s only a matter of time until everyone else knows and rejects you.

When you identify the loudest Saboteurs in your head you can weaken them so they don’t run your life anymore.

The first step is to identify your Saboteurs through this assessment: Click Here for a Saboteur Assessment Link.

Once you’ve identified your Saboteurs you can start weakening them and taking back control of your life. The Saboteurs will tell you they're your friend, but they’re not. They protected you when you were young…you can thank them for that, but now you no longer need them to run your life and they are free to go.


PQ FLOW Coaching is for those who are lifelong learners and truth seeking leaders and executives who want to strengthen their mental muscles and emotional resilience so they can have a meaningful life and live each day in “flow.” 

PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) is the framework to learn to identify and weaken the Saboteurs in your head and to strengthen your Sage Wisdom. 

This is done when you tamper down the neuro pathways the Saboteurs have carved into the left brain and shift to awakening and strengthening the neural circuitry in the right brain where the Sage is patiently waiting. This shift happens when you master thought management.

Weakening Your Saboteurs

You’ve probably heard the statement, “No pain, no gain.” But this statement is a Saboteur lie...and this lie can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Saboteurs do not want to lose control so they continue to tell you lies and other equally damaging thoughts.

Weakening the Saboteurs is not “hard work” like the Saboteurs would have you believe. The shift from Saboteur to Sage can happen with ease and flow with the help of PQ awareness, training and understanding of the Saboteur/Sage framework, the use of adaptive technology, and PQ FLOW coaching.

The first step is to identify your accomplice Saboteurs and understand their control over your life. To assess your own Saboteurs, Click HERE.

The good news is that you can take back control of your life and your thoughts by weakening your Saboteurs through PQ and PQ FLOW Coaching. We have a few free seats left in our next Cohort and I invite you to participate in this 6 week PQ program so you, too, can master your thoughts and live a better life.

This is the first step toward calm and contentment in your life and in your business...that's what you've always wanted, right???


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