No Hype...All Truth: Jessica Meyers Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

"NO HYPE...ALL TRUTH" in our Leadership GLUE Video Series

Meet Jessica Meyers, Founder / CEO of the JEM Group, a Design/Build Construction Company in Harrisburg, PA. 

In my Leadership GLUE interview with Jessica, she gives us the bottom line on Leadership and Business as a Female Entrepreneur who started her business in 2003. Her business goals and aspirations have changed over time and her people strategy has, too. Listen in to hear Jessica share her vision and values as she gives other Entrepreneurs insight into the Entrepreneurial Journey. 

Interview Highlights: (Video: 19:21)

1:01 - Jessica's Early Goals at JEM and how her Goals have changed

4:02 - Jessica describes herself as a Leader and her Leadership Style

7:28 - How Changing JEM's Recruiting Strategy helped their Business Growth

11:13 - Jessica's Personal Development as a Business Asset and Competitive Advantage

16:25 - Jessica describes her future role in leading the JEM Group

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