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Choose Your Words Wisely When Making a Sales Pitch is the title of an article I got this morning from the Harvard Business Review (HBR - the "Bible" of Business Thinking".)

I wanted to share this wisdom with you...

When you work in sales, being told “no” comes with the territory.

But the better you hone your pitch, the more you’re going to hear “yes.”

Be thoughtful about what you say — and don’t say. Word choice matters when you’re trying to communicate your message to a potential buyer.

For example, words like “best,” “unique,” “innovative,” and “cutting edge” often sound hollow.

Instead, use specific, objective terms that actually describe what you are selling. Also, ease up on the pressure tactics.

Drop the lines about “one-time offers” or “once-in-a-blue-moon promotions” that suggest someone needs to act now.

Instead, concentrate on when your client needs to commit to a decision and work towards that deadline.

And finally, don’t be overly obsequious. Let’s face it, no serious client falls for the spiel that you’re making “a special exception” just for them.

So the next time you find yourself saying how you usually don’t do this or that, stop yourself — and reroute.

You can check out the rest of the article here:  Starting a Career in Sales? Avoid These Words!,” by Alex Dripchak

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