How Small Tweaks Can Lead to Big Profits

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How Small Tweaks Can Lead To Big Profit

Anything you want to accomplish in life starts with one small step. It might be to drink a green smoothy each morning, it might be to walk for 20 minutes a day on your treadmill, or it might be to load a series of emails into an autoresponder so that it delivers to everyone who signs up based on their behavior.

Whatever you do, it’s going to build one thing on top of the other and lead to more success.

If you want to know more about this idea, find the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Here's a quote from the book that is very powerful:

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Another book, Atomic Habits, by James Clear, is a favorite of mine.  He writes about small steps to get rid of bad habits and start new habits.  Follow his advice and It’ll change your life.
When it comes to marketing your digital business online, whether you sell services or products, you can fine-tune your marketing so that you get more done with less.

One small change will ensure that you are rewarded, but a series of small changes will explode your business exponentially. But you do have to do something.

Take advantage of learning how to make small changes for big results from someone who already has done it. (That's me - in business over 30 years!)

Implement the ideas, then track and measure your success. Success is truly about doing the small things that lead to bigger things.

Break up your tasks into small chunks so that you can get it done in a short period. James Clear says you should make a new habit that you can work on each day in 2 minutes! 2 Minutes is a small investment of time for a big return down the road.

Set a timer. 2 Minutes. Boom. You're done.

Do what you can make time for, and if you make time for the ideas in this challenge, you will be successful.

You’re in business to gain more time, make beaucoup bucks, and have choices of what to do with your money.

You want to raise your kids, build a home, and have fun too – all without worrying about money all the time.

Success leaves clues and those clues are the habits you need to have in your life.  

Big Doors hang on small hinges and it's the same in your business: small tweaks can lead to Big Profits.

If you want to chat about the small tweaks you can make, book a call here:

Talk soon. Kae


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