[Building Your Business] – Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan for a Million Dollar Business, part 4

When Do You Need a Coach?

If you’re up against a wall with no help in sight, you need a coach.

If you have a good business and want to make it great, you need a coach.

If you don’t want to grow your business, you still need a coach because your business is about to die.

Business coaches can assist anyone with their business and often will find things to fix or improve upon simply because they have an objective, outside viewpoint. Everything from billing inefficiencies to brainstorming product ideas, a business coach can be a non-judgmental sounding board who offers clarity and perspective. Coaches work with many clients and see a wide range of solutions to the problems that every business encounters at one time or another.

Your Coach as Your Accountability Partner

If you have a plan in place for creating growth in your business and wealth in your life, utilizing a coach as an accountability partner is a wise investment. We all tend to work more efficiently when we know there’s a deadline looming but it’s also easy to ignore that deadline because we are the ones who set it. Rather than moving your deadline further and further away, use this accountability partner to keep your productivity on track.

Accountability is necessary in almost all business scenarios. Whatever goals you have set for yourself, your coach will hold you solely responsible for meeting those deadlines and goals. It’s how great leaders are so successful and get so much done.

Your Coach as Your Guide

A good business coach will have the ability to challenge your thinking and your goals in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way. Instead of staying inside your comfort zone, a coach will encourage you to explore what you fear in an effort to fight that fear and try something new. Coaches also have the skill to break down large tasks into smaller tasks that don’t seem so intimidating. They can also guide you with instructions for how to do or implement something in your business that you might not have considered.

Your Coach as Your Mentor

When it comes to hiring a business coach, always hire someone you consider to be at a higher income level or level of success than you. After all, those who have already reached a level of success will have the best experience to share about how you can reach that same level. Your coach is one who will teach you the skills you need to be successful based on real-life experiences.

Get Your Plan Started Ahead of Time

Before you spend good money on a coach, create a business plan with your goals and your action steps spelled out. You want to provide your coach with a starting point and chances are that would be your first assignment anyway with a new coach.

If setting up a business plan sounds daunting or you don’t know where to start, I have a free, one-hour Webinar coming up on Monday, March 4, 2019, called Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan for a Million Dollar Business.” We’ll discuss how planning will keep you focused on your next action steps, why taking action is so vitally important if you want to reach serious goals, and how to break down your overwhelming tasks into doable action steps to improve your productivity. Learn more here.

Kae Wagner

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