The VIP Connections Group.

This group is for you if you want to connect with VIPs who may be beyond the reach of your current network.

They may be 'out of your league' and you might think, "Who am I to connect to them?"

What could I possibly do for them? 

And you know, if you could rub elbows with them, it could make a huge difference in your world.

It could make a huge difference in your business, your revenue, your lifestyle and your whole life.

Connecting with VIPs could make you love your work even more than you love it now.

Sure, you've been successful, but maybe you've hit a wall.

Maybe you can't get in doors on the next level because you frankly haven't earned it yet.

But you know if you had a shot you would bring it home.  It would be a slam dunk.  YOU WOULD KILL IT.

But you gotta get up to bat to make the home run.

OK, enough with the sports analogies.

This is serious business. This is a serious group.

There are lots of reasons to connect:
An endorsement of a product, service or book
Request an interview for a podcast or video 
Invite to be a speaker at a conference or summit
Set up a mentoring relationship
Get a quote for your blog, book or Social Media post
Develop a relationship for future business or non-profit collaboration
Enroll them in your VIP Group or Program

The VIP Connections Group is your ticket to connect outside of your current network.
There's a group of highly selective, constantly sought after, well-know elites who fly under the radar screen
and you would benefit from being known by them.

What if XXX said "Yeah, I know him. He's a great guy. You should talk to him."

Or, if YYY said, "Sure, she's great. I love her style and she is so smart, creative and innovative. You gotta talk to her. She knows how to make things happen."

Having these VIP Connections could change the trajectory of your business and could charge up your performance levels beyond belief.

But there are a few problems.

They are protected by many gatekeepers.

You won't find them on Facebook or LinkedIn or at your local Meetup.

They are highly guarded by sharp fanged assistants whose mission is to never let your shadow darken the VIP's door. Completely shutting you down from any access. No Inbox. Email. Text. Phone. Nothing.

Lock you out - that's their job.  What they're paid for.

They're so good at it that you have to find alternative ways around the gatekeepers.