Strong Mind | Warm Heart

Leadership is about finding the right balance between achieving company goals and connecting with people. To achieve this balance, leaders need a Strong Mind and a Warm Heart.

In the context of Leadership GLUE, this means possessing both analytical skills and emotional intelligence.

A Strong Mind enables leaders to make informed decisions and solve complex problems, while a Warm Heart allows them to connect with their team and stakeholders on a deeper level, fostering trust and empathy.

Many leaders struggle to find this balance.

They want to connect with their people, but they don't want to lose focus on profit and company value.

The good news is that these two goals don't have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, connecting with your people can actually improve your company's bottom line.

When leaders have a Warm Heart, they create an environment of trust and psychological safety. This leads to higher employee engagement and better performance. Employees who feel heard and valued are more likely to be loyal, productive, and willing to go the extra mile for their company.

On the other hand, leaders with a Strong Mind are able to keep a sharp focus on the company's goals and priorities. They are able to make strategic decisions that benefit the company's bottom line while still considering the needs and perspectives of their people.

By developing a Strong Mind and a Warm Heart, leaders can create a culture that prioritizes both people and profits. Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching provides tools and techniques to help leaders develop these skills and strike the right balance.

By adopting a Positive Intelligence (PQ) approach, leaders can identify and overcome Saboteurs - the negative thoughts and behaviors that hold them back - and build mental fitness and resilience.

The program also emphasizes the importance of self-care and mindfulness, which are crucial for maintaining mental fitness and resilience.

Having a Strong Mind and a Warm Heart is essential for effective leadership. It allows leaders to connect with their people while still achieving company goals.

The impact of a Strong Mind, Warm Heart Leader ripples throughout the company, the employees and their families, the community, and the world.

With Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching, leaders can develop these skills and create a culture that values both people and profits.

Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching is how you become a more effective leader.

Strong Mind | Warm Heart

Strong Mind | Warm Heart

Find the right balance between achieving company goals and connecting with people. It takes a Strong Mind & a Warm Heart. Watch the video to learn more. (2m 44s)

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Leadership GLUE - Overview

Understand what Leadership GLUE means and learn the key concepts and practices in this 2 minute video. 

Build Strong Bonds with Your Team

Build strong bonds, increase employee engagement, and drive company success. Video: 2 minutes, 17 seconds. 

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Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching

Bring Leadership GLUE to your business.

Increase Your Mental Fitness

Get Positive Intelligence (PQ) tools and techniques to increase your positive mindset and resilience, leading to better decision-making, communication, and overall performance.

Improve Your Communications

Increase your ability to inspire and influence others, foster stronger relationships, and achieve better results through clear and effective messaging.

Strong Mind | Warm Heart

Learn to balance your analytical skills with emotional intelligence, building trust, and creating deeper connections with your team and stakeholders.

Leadership GLUE:

Be the GLUE in Your Business without Getting Stuck in the Daily Grind

by Kae Wagner

USA Today Bestselling Author


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                                                                      Five Star Amazon Reviews

Everyone Should Read this Book. 5 Star Rating


Excellent Leadership Manual. 5 Star Review

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Glen Walz. Review

Praise for the book: Leadership GLUE

Kae Wagner’s Leadership GLUE is a masterclass in how to walk the entrepreneurial tight rope with grace, confidence and poise.  Julien Barbier | Co-Founder & CEO, Holberton

Exactly the kind of book the world needs right now! Leadership GLUE is the de facto manuscript on THIS generation's ideas of business leadership and what that can and should look like.  Shawn Johal | Business Growth Coach, Elevation Leaders; Bestselling Author of The Happy Leader


Book Reviews of Leadership GLUE from Bestselling Authors

Kae Wagner’s Leadership GLUE is an informative, thought-provoking take on the age-old question in business: how does one master the characteristics needed to become a great leader?  Rick Orford | Co-Founder & Executive Producer at Travel Addicts Life, and Bestselling Author of The Financially Independent Millennial

Kae Wagner’s Leadership GLUE is an exciting, revelatory take on business leadership in the 21st century. I especially enjoyed this passage: “This is your business, not your second family. Treat it like a business. You won’t have as much drama and dysfunction, and you’ll get more sleep at night!”  David Fuess |  

From vivid case studies to well-documented research, Wagner presents a clear explanation for the ways in which business leaders often become the roadblock to their very own success story. This book will keep you thinking for some time after!  Glenn Hopper | CFO, Sandline Discovery, Bestselling Author of Deep Finance

Leadership Glue Training & Coaching is for you, if:

C-Suite Executives, Business Owners and you see yourself here???

  • You are working over 40 hours a week and you have anxiety, worry and sleepless nights, and can't stop the mind chatter
  • Your employees are not aligned with your processes so there is no consistency in the work delivered...and you think you might be the cause
  • You have too much to do but can't delegate to anyone
  • Your kids and spouse don't know you...and you are the stranger looking back at you in the mirror
  • You took a vacation when??? and went where???
  • You're exhausted at work and at home and haven't seen your friends in, they stopped calling and texting you...
  • You want the money, the resources, the freedom and flexibility in your business to do your next big thing but can't find the time or energy
  • You are on the brink of a crisis: burn out, marriage disaster, kid problems, health issues, financial issues...
  • You know you need help, but you don't know how or where to get don't want to share these issues with people you know
  • You are at the end of your rope...nowhere to go, no one to turn to, no hope in sight...other efforts have failed
  • You would love to have someone to talk to on a regular basis and get some help with this "stuff"

What C-Suite Executives are saying about Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching...

  • Kae Wagner

    “My team's productivity has improved significantly since I started working with Kae. And me? I think I've improved 100%.”

  • Kae Wagner

    “This helped me at a time when I really needed it. I am so grateful for PQ and Leadership GLUE for being here at the perfect time.”

  • Kae Wagner

    “The tools are phenom, but I'm more amazed by the results that showed up in all of my life. At work, my people don't scatter anymore when I show up and they trust me again. Side benefit, my wife is back in love with me. ”

  • Kae Wagner

    “Kae gives me very practical, very concrete guidance on what to do, how to do it and the support to help me through the process when I'm not sure what to do or how to do it. The bottom line is I just knew that it’s worked already and there’s a lot to navigate right now so I just wanted someone who really knows her stuff to be my partner in doing this.”

  • Kae Wagner

    “Simply put, this program changed my life.”

Kae Wagner, founder of North Star Marketing and Leadership GLUE: "We Know Our Way Around the Business are some of the companies we've worked with." >>

Kae Wagner, and her team, have contributed to the success of large companies as well as start-ups and family owned businesses. Our industry experience covers all B2B and B2C categories; from food products to manufacturing to professional services and tech companies. 

As a member of numerous corporate and non-profit Board of Directors, Kae also helped guide organizations through leadership transitions, expansions, capital campaigns and organic growth.

Over the years Kae has led multiple CEO/Business Owner Peer Groups with Vistage International and the S. Dale High Family Business. She is also an adjunct Professor teaching Entrepreneurship: The Practice and the Mindset at the Master's level.

In Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching we help leaders and executives become great leaders - leaders who leave a legacy. With Kae as your coach in 1:1 confidential sessions, you will shift your mindset with Positive Intelligence (PQ), improve your communication skills, increase employee engagement and create authentic leadership. The result is alignment with your team, higher productivity levels, a healthier culture and increased company value. You will find the "Strong Mind, Warm Heart" approach will change your life.

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1. What is the premise of Leadership GLUE? 

Leadership GLUE is the ability a leader has to build strong bonds, increase employee engagement, and drive organizational success.

In the Leadership GLUE book, training and coaching programs, C-Suite executives and business owners specifically learn how to build the guardrails to protect their Vision and Values and how to develop the Conditions for Success for themselves and their team. 

Our clients grow their businesses by going from Hands ON to Hands FREE to Hand OFF. 

This proven process gives the team the ability, responsibility and accountability to expand their bench strength and allows the Leader to get on to the next big thing...not exiting or retiring, but living out his/her life's purpose.

2. What exactly does Hand ON to Hands FREE to Hand OFF process look like?

Hands ON: Teaching, training and relationship building

Hands FREE: The Messy Middle where team members demonstrate their ability to work with less supervision

Hand OFF: Like a runner handing off the baton to the next equally capable teammate, this phase gives a leader or owner the freedom and flexibility for the next 'big thing,' whether that is a new product line, new sales initiative, a sabbatical, or even exiting the business.

3. How Quickly will I see results?

Hmmm...interesting question. The truth is that change can be difficult when resisted...but when you initiate growth and development for yourself you are 'shedding old skin' for the new you. Your team will embrace change when you are consistent and congruent.

1. Results will come from your intention combined with taking action. This is in your control.

2. There is a natural incubation period needed for the brain and soul to allow GLUE to become part of your business DNA. It takes time to organically embed GLUE into your natural way of working.

3. The shift to a Leadership Glue Business will happen very quickly at the C-Suite level, but will take about 6 - 8 months to cascade throughout the organization.

4. How can I find out if Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching is right for my company? 

You can learn specifically if Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching is right for your company by booking a call with Kae Wagner to discuss your leadership goals. 

Book a call here: 

5. What does "Strong Mind, Warm Heart" mean? 

"Strong Mind, Warm Heart" refers to the balance between analytical skills and positive intelligence that effective leaders must possess. A strong mind enables leaders to make informed decisions and solve complex problems, while a warm heart allows them to connect with their team and stakeholders on a deeper level, fostering trust and empathy. By adopting this approach, leaders can inspire and motivate their team while still achieving their organizational goals. The Strong Mind, Warm Heart philosophy is a core component of the Leadership GLUE program and is emphasized throughout the training and coaching process.

6. What is in the Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching program?

The Leadership GLUE Training & Coaching program is a pragmatic, results-oriented, and fast-paced program for C-Suite Executives and their teams. You'll learn how to:

1. Up your Inner Game by strengthening your mental fitness and stop sabotaging yourself.

2. Increase your Leadership GLUE by improving your communication skills.

3. Balance your analytical skills (Strong Mind) with positive intelligence (Warm Heart).

4. Improve employee engagement using the Q12 survey.


C-Suite executives are urged to book a call with Kae Wagner to learn more about Leadership GLUE and the Strong Mind, Warm Heart approach. Kae Wagner is an experienced coach with a proven track record of helping executives unlock their potential and achieve meaningful results. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your leadership and drive your organization's success. Book a session with Kae Wagner today!

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