The Unlimited Laser Copywriting Program 

Get Your Sales Funnel Copy Completed Easily and Efficiently!

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Copywriting is hard.

It's tough to get out of your own head and see things from your client's point of view.
You stare at a blank screen and your brain freezes. Everything sounds overly wordy and complicated.

You have no idea how to start. You're never satisfied with your writing.

And, you're writing and rewriting in search of perfection.

Stop the Madness. Don't keep banging your head against the brick wall.

Most people have never been taught how to write, but as a business owner, coach or consultant, and, yes, even authors, you are suddenly thrust into that role - the copywriter.  Copywriting is that very specific form of writing to sell. Very specifically, writing to persuade and convince people to buy your offer.

I feel your copywriting pain, everyone seems to have it. But if you know the 5 Mistakes most would-be Copywriters make when they put pen to paper or open up a blank Google or Word doc you'll be able to understand the entire Sales Funnel Copywriting Process so much better.

The 5 Deadly Copywriting Mistakes that Destroy Sales Results

Copywriter Mistake #1:  No structure or outline - without the big picture of where to start, how to move the "story" forward and what you want your reader to do you will be writing and rewriting in circles.

Copywriter Mistake #2:  Not understanding your market, their problem and your proven solution.  Without these elements you will sound like everyone else in the market.

Copywriter Mistake #3:  Squishy Messaging - writing copy that doesn't clearly detail features and benefits, your proven process, your solutions to their problems and the glorious final results.

Copywriter Mistake #4:  Missing Social Proof - credibility building with testimonials and endorsements is a must in the copywriting world. Most copywriters think their writing is enough to persuade someone to part with their money. It's not. Buyers need Social Proof - comments from actual users of your program to validate and confirm their decision to move forward with you.

Copywriter Mistake #5:  No Clear and Compelling Call to Action (CTA) - the whole point of copywriting is to move the buyer to make a decision to buy or not buy.  Not just to think about it, but to decide.

These copywriting mistakes are easily and efficiently corrected in the Unlimited Laser Copywriting - 6 month program. And knowing what these pitfalls are will help you make the best use of our time together in the Unlimited Laser Copywriting - 6 month program.

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Here's how it works:  For $997.00 you get Unlimited Laser Copywriting 1 hour sessions for three months, where we write one of your Sales Funnel projects together.  We get on Zoom, structure the project, get clear about the end goal, include your initial thoughts, key phrases, your input and then start writing together.  Generally I "write" out loud while you are capturing the writing in a Google or Word Doc.  We work in a laser focused manner to get through the first pass and flush out an outline.  Then we come back for a second pass and get the headlines, subheads, and body copy written.  In almost all cases, less is better. We end with a third pass to review and revise.  That's the end of session one for a particular project.

Next step is for you to review and revise on your own to verify that the project meets your objectives and that you are good to go with this project (Your Homework). When you complete that, you schedule your next session with me and we fine tune the finished project.

Then we move on to the next project.  Each phase in the graphic above is needed for every Sales Funnel you will create.  New program = New Sales Funnel = New Copywriting.  It's endless and this program is unlimited.

You can move through these copywriting projects as fast as you want and do as many as you want in our six months together.

The only caveat is that you have to get your "homework" done before you schedule your next session.

And, you can't schedule more than one at a time.

Let's get started with your copywriting projects and get them done! You can sign up and make your first appointment today!  Due to the time intensity of the Unlimited Laser Copywriting Program we will be taking a limited number of participants. Register now before all of the slots are taken.

  • Kae Wagner

    “Writing with Kae is amazing. She makes writing so easy, effortless and productive. In one hour’s time we structured and wrote my lead magnet on the 3R’s Roadmap. You might not think that writing in real time together would be possible, but Kae makes it work. If you have the chance to write with her, grab it. You will have the most productive hour in your day with Kae.”

    Chief Energy Officer

  • Kae Wagner

    “Your laser focused vision is amazing and I'm so glad I get to benefit from your coaching expertise.”

    Brand Photographer, Heike Martin Photography

  • Kae Wagner

    “Kae’s a true pro who always shows up ready to make her clients shine. She’s a Marketing Genius and knows her stuff. If you’re looking to get your marketing kicked up a notch or two, Kae’s your person. She’s strategic and pragmatic and knows how to create the magic in the marketing.”

    Do It Marketing

Unlimited Laser Writing - Your Guarantee.

Not convinced? Well, you could continue with your own copywriting and rewriting and rewriting.

You could just do what you've always done before...and get the same results. But that doesn't sound too inspiring, does it?

You could ignore this incredible offer and hope that you'll get results, aka Sales, from your own copywriting. could sign up today, schedule your first session and if you don't like it, I'll refund your money. No questions asked.

I'm a two-time author, former marketing columnist for a national trade magazine, award-winning TV Producer and Filmmaker, Publisher of several digital magazines, and have written million-dollar award-winning copy, so I know a thing or two about copywriting. And I'm on a mission to make it easy for you.

Here's the deal: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Rules of the Road

  • Be prepared to dive into the work and save the chit chat for the end if we have time.
  • This hour is time for us to get laser-focused on your copywriting and get a specific project written before the end of the hour.
  • You can book sessions whenever you have your tasks done from the prior session.
  • Do not book multiple sessions: only book one session at a time, and only when you have your tasks done from the prior session.
  • The Unlimited Laser Copywriting Sessions are very focused, start promptly, and are designed for maximum productivity.
  • We meet on Zoom and I will make you Co-Host so you can type as we write and you can record the session on your local computer.
  • We are committed to high quality copywriting, keeping you true to your vision/mission/values, and to help you create the conditions for your success.