The Confident Speaker Program

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Walk on stage with confidence and walk off with money in your pocket.

Speaking is the most effective marketing tool available. It's how I built a multi-million dollar marketing business.

You can do the same. Gain Confidence and Develop Mastery through speaking and take your business to a Million Dollars and beyond.

And feel like a Million Bucks while you're doing it!

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Increased Confidence === More Money in Your Pocket!
(and more clients for your program)

What happens when you walk on stage with Million Dollar Confidence? You establish your authority, expand your influence and attract new clients and followers. And you walk off stage with money in your pocket!

Speaking is the Sales Spigot everyone in business needs to find clients easily and quickly.

Need clients? Get on Stage, speak with confidence, make your irresistible offer and - BAM - you can have a steady stream of clients at your finger tips.

In the Confident Speakers Program you'll master the following skills:

>> Speaking with Confidence

>> Presenting with Power

>> Engaging Energetically

>> Communicating with Clarity

>> Interviewing with Impact

>> Selling with Savvy. 

When you have these skills you'll be able to build your business as
quickly as you want and scale it as much as you want.

Speaking on stage for business marketing purposes is the way I built a Multi-million Dollar company. As a natural Introvert I had a lot to learn to get to speaking mastery, but being in the spotlight is the most effective way to be seen by the specific audience you want to work with to grow your reputation, increase your network and expand your business.

But like me when I started speaking, you might think you don't have the Confidence to get on stage, do a presentation or conduct a Summit Interview without some nervousness and stage jitters.  You might feel like you're an Imposter - not qualified to be an Expert or take the Stage with Authority. It's called the Imposter Syndrome and lots of people have it. The good news is you can learn how to overcome it in the Confident Speakers Program.

Here's what you get in the Confident Speakers Program

You get a ton of benefits for not a lot of money. $350 a month, (Use the Discount Code FRIENDS to take advantage of our current promo price of $99/month) starting June 4, 2021, and soon you'll be walking on stage with confidence and walking off with money in your pocket and clients for your program. Just think - if you don't start now, you might never get the success you want and deserve. 

  • Speaking, Presenting and Interviewing Training 
  • Practice and Feedback to hone your skills and gain confidence
  • Review of your Marketing Messages for clarity 
  • Weekly 1 Hour Meetings to keep everyone on track
  • Weekly Accountability Concierge Service
  • Private FB Group for interaction with your Peers
  • Quarterly Events Where You are in the Spotlight
  • Group Debriefing Sessions to learn and improve
  • Monthly 1:1 Laser Coaching + Group Support
  • Ongoing Opportunities to Speak, Present and Interview

Speak for Success

There's nothing like the feeling of walking on stage with Confidence and Walking off with money in your pocket.

Don't take the stage alone anymore.  Join a supportive community today.

It's Your Turn to Be in the Spotlight!

Performing well on stage or in video is one of the biggest Confidence Boosts there is. Let's get you in the Spotlight!

Showcase Your Program and Rock it!

Confidence comes from having an irresistible offer for a ready market. We'll help you showcase your offer and create more sales conversations and conversions.

Join an Active and Supportive Community

 Join others on the journey and get support and encouragement as we work toward a common goal. No lone wolves here.

Kae Wagner

“Kae’s a true pro who always shows up ready to make her clients shine. She’s a Marketing Genius and knows her stuff. If you’re looking to get your marketing kicked up a notch or two, Kae’s your person. She’s strategic and pragmatic and knows how to create the magic.”

Do It Marketing

Kae Wagner

“I cannot say enough about her marketing skills or her ability to share that knowledge. But most impressive are Kae’s ethics as a marketer and her generosity as a human being. Kae is a ‘class act’ all the way, and it has been a wonderful and educational experience from beginning to end.”

Kae Wagner

“Kae is an excellent coach and leader. She exceeds expectations in every aspect of her business. I’m glad I decided to work with her. My business has transformed in a very short period of time. Thank you.”

Wisdom Speaks

You know that feeling when you've just landed a new client and you're walking on top of the world? Or, when you walk off stage after a really good speech?

Yep, that's the Confident Speaker feeling.

Do you want to feel that way all of the time? You can!
I created the Confident Speaker Program specifically for you if you are a Coach, Speaker, Author, Creative or Subject Matter Expert:

>> Coaches: get on a bigger stage, give media interviews, be a podcast guest with total confidence and a killer offer. It's your turn to take the stage and shine in the spotlight.

>> Speakers: fine-tune your message, increase you stage presence, stay focused and get a standing ovation every time.  Better yet, hone your offer and get more sales.

>> Creatives, Designers and Digital Agencies: become a first-class presenter so you win new clients every time you're up to bat. Don't let those sneaky little competitors steal your thunder. Practice, deliver and debrief in the Confident Speaker Program where you're in a safe space to become your best.

>> Authors: your book can be the golden ticket to expanding your business and making your Body of Work more influential and have more authority. However, you still need to get out there and do the work with confidence and mastery so your book doesn't disappear from your reader's mind. 

>> Subject Matter Experts and Consultants: your work with the corporate world requires air-tight presentations and communications.  Since most corporations buy by committee, your sales presentations must cover all angles and sell to right brain and left brain buyers. In my program you'll practice, deliver and then we'll debrief to make sure you hit all the marks for successful presentations and sales conversions.

Everything in the Confident Speaker Program is designed to give you >>Confidence through Performance<< and >>Mastery through Practice, Delivery and Debriefing.<<
This Process gets you Increased Confidence = Money in Your Pocket!

And here's the best part: You can join the Confident Speaker Program today for $350.00 a month and find yourself on stage easily and quickly as a Confident Speaker. (Use the Discount Code FRIENDS to take advantage of our current promo price of $99/month when you go to the Order Form)

Walk on stage with confidence and walk off with money in your pocket and new clients for your program.

After several decades of creating Corporate Client Marketing programs where I made millions for them and established North Star Marketing as the "go to" for marketing results, I turned to the online world of helping "Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Creatives and Subject Matter Experts." 

My passion is to help you create a new platform of Confidence and Mastery that you will use as a springboard for your business and personal growth.

I'm an award-winning author, TV Producer, and Filmmaker. I've won awards for Communications, Broadcast and Article Writing; wrote a Marketing Column for a National Food Magazine, published several Digital Magazines and traveled the National Speaking Circuit.

I currently produce the Success Spotlight Video Series and other live, virtual events in addition to being a Business Coach.  As you can see, I love the world of Speaking, Writing, and Creating as a way to impact the world.

I will be your biggest Confidence Booster and your Biggest Fan. Because every Star needs a Fan Club!!!

Increased Confidence = Money in Your Pocket!

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

>> How does this Program work?
>> What is the Price?
>> Who is it For?
>> When should I sign up?
>> Who is Kae Wagner and why is she giving us this incredible opportunity?
>> Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

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  >>  What are the logistics of the Confident Speaker Program? How does it work?

The Confident Speaker Program operates on a Quarterly/3 Month Cycle

We meet weekly - one hour a week - to learn, practice, deliver and debrief.  Each week, two to three members practice their assignment and get feedback on their delivery. 

For example, if we are preparing for a Summit Interview, each member would practice interviewing and being interviewed and then would receive feedback.  This helps everyone to increase their skills and gain more confidence each time they practice, deliver and receive feedback.

By doing this in a group, in real time, you increase your skill set and gain more confidence. Eventually you master these skills, and in doing so you get to Mastery which is the Ultimate Confidence Boost.

In the third month of the 3month cycle we will produce an event, promote it to our audiences and get feedback from the market.  This results in even more of a Confidence Boost as the Market responds to our work.

  >>  What is the Price? $350.00 a month for a 3 month commitment.

The Confident Speaker program is $350.00 a month for a 3 month commitment.  Because the program operates on a 3 month Cycle you commit for 3 months and then re-up for the next cycle, increasing your Confidence and developing more Mastery will likely take more than one cycle. 

You control how long you want to work on your Confidence by continuing your enrollment each cycle.  We have made this price an irresistible offer so that you can participate many times on your journey to gain Confidence and Mastery. 

  >>  Our goal is to create Increased Confidence for 1,000 People in order to help those who need the Boost to get from inertia to action and put money in their pockets. That's why we've made this program action oriented with an irresistible price. Frankly, you're crazy if you don't do this!

  >>  Who is it For? Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Creatives, Design Firms & Digital Marketing Agencies, Consultants and Subject Matter Experts

Professional Service Providers in these categories need to increase their visibility, expand their influence, widen their reach, increase their authority and get more clients.  This requires Confidence and Belief in your self to show up every day with Confidence and Mastery.  The Confident Speaker Program gives you the boost and kick-start you need to show the World you are a serious, high-achieving player.

Whether you are new to your work, changing careers or have been in your business for a while, there's no doubt that you could use a Confidence Boost.  We've all been impacted by 2020 and it's time to come together and give each other the support and love we all need.

  >>  When should I sign up to get started? NOW! We start January 8th, but our work is ongoing so you can join the group anytime

We enroll people every day and get them started with a "Confident Speaker Welcome Session."  This gets everyone off with a Confidence Boost and with clear instructions for maximizing the program. (You will be placed in a group that's on the same cycle you are on.)

  >>  Who is Kae Wagner and Why is She Giving Us this Incredible Opportunity and Offer?

Kae Wagner is founder and President of North Star Marketing, a marketing firm known for its effective disruptive style of marketing leadership. Kae is well-known for her intuitive creative direction, on-target marketing strategies and successful client results. "Kiss the ground she walks on," said one client recently.

Kae is a two-time author, communicator, national speaker, award-winning TV Producer and Filmmaker, marketing columnist and is frequently covered in the media. She has helped hundreds of clients develop and introduce new products and programs and is known for her unique method of Q-Storming.

She also tries to golf and continually works on her game. No hole-in-one yet, though.

Who do I contact if I have Questions?

Kae Wagner -

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