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The Annual Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Giveaway is designed with you in mind. We have 28 Experts who want you to have a healthier life, a growing business, increased wealth, along with lots of wisdom and insights that will help you increase joy and meaning in your life. We're all about YOU having a life you love!

Here's how the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Giveaway works: 28 Experts have served up their finest gifts for you to download, read, explore and implement in these three areas of your life: Health and Nutrition, Business and Wealth and Wisdom, Knowledge and Insight. You'll notice that each gift is identified by the Icons from the 3 Categories we offer, and you'll also notice that some gifts apply to both categories.  So you get to be healthy, wealthy and wise in so many ways. We open the Giveaway Doors on August 1st, but you can get ahead of the pack by Registering TODAY...just click any of the buttons below and YOU ARE IN!


  What happens when 28 Expert Coaches and Entrepreneurs Collaborate and Give their finest gifts to the world???  You have a top-notch, sizzling hot, exclusive Giveaway designed for YOU

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This Giveaway is for you if you are...

  • Focused on Healthier Eating Habits
  • Driven to Grow Your Business
  • Eager to Take Your Personal Growth to the Next Level
  • Passionate about a better Work/Life Balance 
  • Determined to be Happier, Healthier, Wealthier and Wise


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Find new ways to improve your Health and Nutrition at home and work, with a focus on Self-Care and Self-Healing.

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Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth. These Gifts will give you unique and effective ways to do both.

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Gain Wisdom and Insight from these Gifts that are valuable for Every Stage of Your Life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 - Are all of the Gifts Free?

All 28 Gifts are FREE. Every Single ONE. Yours for FREE.

Question #2 - How do I get my Free Gifts?

To get your free gifts, you will need to click its Register Button and then hit the Download Button on the next page or in your email. 

Question #3 - What are the dates for the Giveaway?

The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Giveaway is Open from August 1 - 15, 2020. You can register for the Giveaway and download your gifts during this time.

Question #4 - How do I get help if my Download doesn't work?

The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Giveaway is powered by North Star Marketing. You can get help by emailing: kgwagner@northstar-m.com

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