The Hyper-Achiever is only as good as his latest Success

PQ Saboteur. Hyper Achiever

Leadership GLUE: Tip # 27

[PQ = Mental Fitness + Emotional Freedom]

The Hype-Achiever - our next Saboteur

The Hyper-Achiever is dependent on constant performance and achievement for self-respect, validation, and acceptance. The extreme focus on external success often leads to unsustainable workaholic tendencies and loss of touch with deeper emotional and relational needs.

He often lacks emotional freedom as his need for achievement and success overshadows the value of relationships and the care of his own emotional needs.

Characteristics of the Hyper-Achiever are a competitive intensity, image and status consciousness. They are expert at covering up insecurities and showing only a positive, perfect image. They will adapt their personality to fit what would be most impressive to others and are more into perfecting their public image than introspection. 

The thoughts that control them are:

"I must be the best at what I do."

"Emotions get in the way of performance."

"I am worthy as long as I am successful and others think well of me."

The impact the Hyper-Achiever has on others is that acceptance is based on success; anything short of that is unacceptable. Continual performance is demanded - approval and acceptance is based on achievement rather than on unconditional love.

If you see the Hyper-Achiever in yourself want to know more about your Saboteurs take the assessment here: 

When you identify and understand your Saboteur you can begin to weaken their voices in you head. This is when you decide how you want to create your life and you leave the Saboteurs behind as you embrace the calm and authenticity that can be yours.

Take a moment, breathe in, and listen to the Judge and other Saboteurs in your mind harshly criticizing you, filling you with self-doubt, and creating negative thoughts towards yourself and others. These thoughts kill your productivity and make you less effective at work and less loving at home.

Think about it. Do you really want to continue life this way or do you want to find relief from the suffering you and those you love may be having?

You won't have to look far to see what I mean.

Take the Saboteur assessment here: 

Sending positive vibes your way.

Kae Wagner
North Star Marketing
PQ FLOW Coaching


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